World Series



If the Royals want to get to Madison Bumgarner tonight, their best chance may be right off the bat. Bumgarner's first-inning ERA was nearly six in the regular season, while under 2.50 after the first.


The Royals' offense is functioning at a little higher level than the Giants this postseason, while the Giants have been a little better on the mound.

Tim Kurkjian on Series Pitching

"With all of the information we have today, everything favors the pitching. ... I think this is going to be a low-scoring Series, because the pitching in the big leagues today is like no other time that I've seen it."


Series may lack big offense

Don't expect the World Series to be full of high-scoring games. The Giants and Royals were middle-of-the-road offensively this season. The Giants finished 12th in the MLB in runs scored, the Royals 14th. The Giants were 17th in HRs, the Royals 30th.


This World Series will feature all sorts of entertaining contrasts. It matches the Giants, the biannual Series crashers, versus the Royals, who show up for the postseason once every three decades. Most improbable of World Series matchups

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Giants own experience edge

San Francisco has 13 players who were a part of a World Series. The Royals, on the other hand, have only two -- Omar Infante and James Shields.