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'The Freak' warming up

Tim Lincecum getting ready in the bullpen. Will he be the sixth Giants pitcher tonight?


What a difference an inning makes: Kelvin Herrera took the mound with Game 2 tied in the sixth inning. He's back out with a five-run lead in the seventh.

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This is not Strickland's first incident of the postseason: The Giants' reliever and Bryce Harper had a run-in after Harper hit an NLDS home run.


Words exchanged after homer

Following Omar Infante's two-run homer, Salvador Perez and Hunter Strickland exchanged words as Perez waited at home plate for Infante to round the bases. Calmer heads prevailed and the Royals are up 7-2.


Pitchers' all-time postseason starts with 5.2 IP or less:

  1. Roger Clemens, 13
  2. Andy Pettitte, Tom Glavine, 9
  3. Jake Peavy, 8


Billy Butler knocks a ball over Brandon Crawford's head at short and Lorenzo Cain speeds home from second. The Royals have the edge 3-2.


Peavy's postseason struggles

Jake Peavy's eight straight postseason starts of 6 IP or fewer is an MLB record. He entered tonight's game already holding the top mark.


Billy Bunt-ler?

With two on and nobody out, Billy Butler steps to the plate. Will Ned Yost ask his No. 5 hitter to bunt in a tied Game 2?


Jake Peavy has never completed the sixth inning in seven previous postseason starts. The longest he's gone is 5.2 IP.

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Kelvin Herrera is throwing 101 on the gun, the fastest in any postseason game since Justin Verlander threw 102 in 2011. Of his nine pitches in the sixth, Herrera hit triple digits eight times.