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Riley makes second podium appearance

Stephen Curry brought his daughter Riley with him to the postgame media conference. Later, he told Sage Steele on SportsCenter that Riley was the star of the series and that it was only fitting she get another shot at the podium.


Thibodeau firing grows more likely

The Bulls are giving increasing consideration to firing coach Tom Thibodeau and absorbing the corresponding financial hit, league sources told ESPN's Marc Stein. There's nearly $9M left on the coach's contract.

First-time MVP in the Finals

Stephen Curry and LeBron James will meet in the NBA Finals, just the 6th time a first-time MVP won the award and reached the NBA Finals to face a multiple-time MVP. It hasn't happened since Karl Malone won MVP honors in 1997 before facing Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals.

Cleveland close to ending title drought?

The city of Cleveland has gone nearly 51 years since winning a major sports title. When you consider all of Cleveland's major pro teams, its franchises have completed 143 SEASONS since last claiming a league championship.

Draymond Green on SportsCenter

"I think that definitely makes a difference, especially going up against LeBron James ... but the one thing we have in our back pocket is we're determined." Draymond Green on the Warriors' lack of experience

Curry on his daughter at the podium

"I think she's taking advantage of the moment for sure. She's way too comfortable." Live on SportsCenter

Stephen Curry (and Riley) at the podium

"We wanted to appreciate the moment and not take it for granted ... We're going to appreciate what we've done. It was tough winning the Western Conference." Live on SportsCenter