2Q UCD L. Lacy sacked by D. Parry for -6 yds

London Lacy sacked by David Parry for a loss of 6 yards to the UCDav 3

4Q STAN C. Wadman punt for 47 yds,C. McCaffrey returns for 41 yds

Colby Wadman punt for 47 yds , Christian McCaffrey returns for 44 yds to the UCDav 11

4Q STAN E. Crower pass,to G. Taboada for 12 yds for a 1ST down

Evan Crower pass complete to Greg Taboada for 11 yds to the UCDav 32 for a 1ST down

3Q UCD L. Ward run for 11 yds,L. Ward fumbled, forced by R. Reeder, recovered by UCDav D. Graham,Ward, Lee rush for 11 yards to the UCDAVIS2, fumble forced b

Lee Ward run for 11 yds to the UCDav 2 Lee Ward fumbled, forced by Russell Reeder, recovered by UCDav Darryl Graham

3Q STAN R. Wright run for 18 yds for a 1ST down

Remound Wright run for 18 yds to the Stanf 45 for a 1ST down