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Highlights: Broncos win Super Bowl 50

Peyton Manning wins his second Super Bowl and the Broncos earn their third title with a 24-10 victory over the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. With 2.5 sacks in the game, Denver LB Von Miller earns MVP honors.


Peyton Manning: 'I don't have a plan'

Moments after winning Super Bowl 50, Manning and Sal Paolantonio discussed the Broncos QB's future.


David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

Panthers wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery on Cam Newton: "He's hurting. ... We all have areas where we can grow."

Super Bowl MVP-winning linebackers

  • Super Bowl 50 - Von Miller, Denver
  • Super Bowl XLVIII - Malcolm Smith, Seattle
  • Super Bowl XXXV - Ray Lewis, Baltimore
  • Super Bowl V - Chuck Howley, Dallas


David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

Only line I could hear from Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was: "It was nothing special they did." The player that smiled all week was sulking.

David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

After saying little Panthers quarterback Cam Newton walks away from reporters. Showed the side of him that hates losing. Wasn't a good side.


Peyton Manning took a $4 million pay cut in the offseason. He's earned that money back by both making and winning the Super Bowl.

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The Manning brothers have combined to win four of the past 10 Super Bowls. [Credit: Michael C. Hebert/US PRESSWIRE]

Jeff Legwold ESPN Staff Writer 

Chris Harris Jr. with his daughter -- On defending Cam Newton; "We knew he wouldn't' be comfortable."

David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton giving short, soft spoken answers.

David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

No stylish outfit for Panthers Cam Newton.

Odds to win next year's title

This year's championship game is in the books, but the odds are ready for next year's big game.

  • Seattle: 8-1
  • New England: 8-1
  • Pittsburgh: 8-1
  • Green Bay: 10-1
  • Arizona: 10-1
  • Carolina: 10-1

David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

Panthers tight end Greg Olsen: "A tough pill to swallow to play this poorly in this game."

Jeff Legwold ESPN Staff Writer 

Asked where he thinks Broncos defense ranks among great defenses that have won Super Bowls and Wade Phillips said; "They're my favorite."

David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

Panthers tight end Greg Olsen "Anyone that watched us saw this was not our style of play. ... It was almost incredible we were that close."

David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

Panthers tight end Greg Olsen "It was one of those days. Everyone took their turn having a negative play."

Paul Gutierrez ESPN Staff Writer 

"We came into this game just wanting to play our defense. We knew if we stayed consistent we would come out on top." - Von Miller

Jeff Legwold ESPN Staff Writer 

On Von Miller, Wade Phillips said "he's played great all year," but in last two games "he played tremendously."

David Newton ESPN Staff Writer 

Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula: "We weren't good enough. Cam wasn't good enough." Said this when asked how Cam Newton played."

Way-too-early 2016 NFL power rankings

Cheer up, Panthers: You've landed the top spot in the way-too-early 2016 NFL power rankings. Ranking the 32


Marshawn Lynch hints at retirement

Adam Schefter reported earlier today that Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch had told people close to him he plans to retire. Then, during the Super Bowl, Lynch posted this tweet on his verified Twitter account.


The curse of 15 wins

Including this year's Panthers, five teams have won at least 15 regular-season games under the currently playoff format. None of them have won the Super Bowl.


Cam Newton's crucial 4th-quarter fumble

Arguably the play of the Super Bowl came when Von Miller stripped the MVP deep in his own territory for the second time.


Lot of passes, no TDs for Manning

Peyton Manning threw 23 passes but no touchdowns in the Broncos' Super Bowl 50 win. Only Joe Namath and Troy Aikman threw more pass attempts without a TD in a Super Bowl victory.